How To Earn Bitcoins By Playing Mobile Games, Video Games, Quiz Games, Fun And MMO Games

There are many different ways out there online for you to earn bitcoin, from picking up a few Satoshi for filling out captchas on any free bitcoins faucet websites, to working a full time job that pays in bitcoin.

But all of those things are boring, right?

What you really want is a way to earn yourself some lovely bitcoin whilst doing something which is actually good fun to do. Like playing mobile games, quiz games or video games.

So how does playing online games for bitcoin work? Well if you’re scratching your head wondering how, let me explain – because this might just be something right up your street.

It may come as a surprise to you to find out just how many different bitcoin websites and mobile apps there are which include ways for you to earn bitcoin. You can actually earn an internal currency that can be cashed out in bitcoin – whilst playing a fun and exciting game.

So as it says on the tin you earn bitcoins for playing online games. Now most games will pay you a certain amount of satoshis for how far you get, and how large your high score is. That’s how they work – pretty simply right. The larger your high score, and the further you progress through the game, the higher your pay-out from the game will be.

You can play it during spare time, or commute to work or while waiting for someone. So many ways you can incorporate into your daily life.

It is really simple to get started.

All these games use different method to gain revenue , like Ads revenue or users database. You will not lose out as gamers.

Everything you are going to find out that listed on this page is free to play – no deposit needed. I have also taken care to make sure that all of the games are fun to play and, preferably, require some element of skill rather than just straight up luck.

Furthermore, I always welcome your suggestions in the comments if you know of anything I’ve missed off these lists, just as long as you don’t spam and only recommend quality games to us here. Thank you.

Earn Bitcoin Playing Mobile Games

SaruTobi – SaruTobi is a flying monkey, who you literally use to collect coins which appear on the screen in this simple but addictive game for the iPhone or other Apple device. This was one of the original games primarily designed to be fun to play with the added bonus that you could withdraw free BTC, and it is still amongst the most popular


Bitcoin Aliens

The most straightforward way to obtain free bitcoins, Bitcoin Aliens is a faucet masquerading as a game. The app will pay you to watch advertisements as it will pay you to slaughter aliens efficiently.




Oh Crop!

The newest contender in the category is Oh Crop!, a game much like Plants vs. Zombies in which the player must defeat evil plants. Every week, the top 15 players in Oh Crop! are rewarded for their savvy in bitcoins. Additionally, players can earn free BTC in a faucet like scenario where they view a video advertisement and receive a disbursement.



Earn Bitcoin Playing Quiz Games

SatoshiQuiz – With a prize pot of 1000 Satoshis for every question, this is actually quite a fun little quiz game with some interesting questions. There’s a good mixture between easy and tough questions, and you get one minute for each quiz question. if you are fast fingered you may even be able to Google the answer to questions you don’t know before the clock runs down on you. There are also regular challenges with prizes of up to 1 million satoshis!!! Kind of interest and exciting games to train your brain and earn Bitcoin in the same time!




Bitcoin Riddles – Solve riddles presented in YouTube videos and if you are the first to get the correct answer you win a prize in BTC!



Earn Bitcoin Trading Games

Spark Profit – (Repeated from apps section above because its available for web browsers or mobile devices, and certainly fits into the investment strategy category). If you fancy yourself as being the next financial whizz kid, earning millions as a city trader in London or on Wall Street, but you are actually trying to live off a dollar a day in your mother’s basement, then this is the game for you. Its a financial trading simulation in which you try your hand at making predictions about real financial markets, including digital currency markets as well as fiat forex markets. The better your do the more currencies you will unlock, and the more points you will build up. At any point, you can cash out your points to BTC or fiat! Perhaps one of the best things about it is that they will also provide you with tutorials and resources to help you learn how to become a successful trader. If you are one of the top traders you can earn up to $100 per month, but you do need to verify your email and phone number first.


Earn Bitcoin Playing Flash Games

Tremor Games – Tremor Games has a wide range of different flash games, just like you would find at most good quality online arcade sites. Unlike those oyher sites, however, you can earn ‘Tremor coins’ for playing games and gaining acheivements, and when you’ve built up a large enough haul you can then exchange them for a range of goodies including bitcoin withdrawals.


Cash Clamber – It takes a bit of getting your head around this, but basically its a way to create and play skill based games with your friends for btc prizes – they have their own framework for making up your own games. You can also play anonymously if you want.

Cash Clamber

Earn Bitcoin Playing Strategy Games

PLEASE BEWARE: Many of these types of game will eventually stop paying out. They may also give you an option to ‘invest’ in the game in some way – if so then be careful, as they may be operating a ponzi scheme. Any investment you make is at risk and any earned coins held in your account may become inaccessible in the future.

CannonSatoshi Each server starts with 250 Bitcoins in the mine, and users compete to build and level up their cannons to bombard the mine and steal coins. When the mine is empty, everything gets reset and you start back from zero balance and no cannons, but a new server and a fresh set of 250 coins to take aim at.

cannon satoshi

CitySatoshi Made by the same people as CannonSatoshi, so the basic principle is the same, its just that instead of building weapons, you build farms and feed your population.


Earn Bitcoin Playing MMO & Sandbox Games

BitQuest – If you are a fan of Minecraft then you are going to absolutely wet yourself over this. If not then maybe you will be soon, as its a fun andvery popular ‘sandbox game’ in which players build up the game world themselves. You make the game, you defined the story – you get control over everything. BitQuest is a custom MineCraft server which makes Bitcoin the in-game currency, which you can earn by mining, trading with other players, and so on.


Coming Soon… The best is yet to come. Some of the most exciting games are still in development –We will update you when it is launched.

Thank you! Enjoy playing and earning with Bitcoins for Free here at