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You can buy BitCoin online, safe and fast directly with We sell BitCoins for people who are interested in investing/payment purpose with bitcoin but do not want to purchase from overseas exchange such as Coinbase, Kraken, BitStamp, Circle or btc-e using USD. They need you to do wire transfer in advance and wait for few days for payment clearance.


bittvWhy You Want To buy Bitcoin?

  1. If you’re confident into bitcoin investment and looking into long term profit.
  2. You plan to buy something using bitcoin.
  3. Just to keep some bitcoins and for the price to go up.

Advantages of buying from

  1. We aim to be trusted re-seller of selling bitcoin locally in Singapore/Malaysia/United States.
  2. You can get your bitcoin immediately instead of waiting for wire transfer period, processing period, as well as saving all those transaction fees.
  3. You don’t have to go through the hassle for registering Bitcoin Exchange website. Let’s us do the job for you as your trust Bitcoin Partner. (Besides, our rate almost the same as the exchange eventually)
  4. Think of buying it? Not sure how long to get your bitcoins after payment? Test to buy from us and you’ll know it. From sending payment to receiving your Bitcoins usually will take less than 5 minutes, longest will be 10 minutes that is my assurance. (Our team will always be contactable, almost 24/7).


Your Payment Option Here

A. United States – buy Bitcoin in US with Cash, bank transfer, Chase Quickpay, Venmo.

  1. Cash Deposit: Citibank and Chase Bank
  2. Chase Quickpay
  3. Venmo

B. Singapore – buy Bitcoin in Singapore

  1. Cash Deposit: MayBank Singapore

C. Malaysia – Buy bitcoin in Malaysia

  1. Cash Deposit: Malaysia Major Banks like MayBank, Public Bank and CIMB Bank

D. PayPal – Buy bitcoin with verified PayPal users

E. Western Union – Buy bitcoin with Western Union

buybitcoin-with-paypalDue to price fluctuating in the matters of MINUTES, we’re unable to confirm the price at here. so please contact Jony WhatsApp/SMS @ +6019-7797999 / +1408-9009892 for the latest price .

If you do not know anything about bitcoin, please proceed to -> or Google them for latest news.

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Please visit only at or contact Jony Leong @ +60197797999 for purchasing of bitcoins only. We do not respond to any other personal that claim to be us or

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