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Winzo Mining Rigs / Winzo Mining Robots ( WMR ) are our products that we plan to set up and installed at your office or home premises.

We are focusing on deployment of Crypto-currency Mining Rigs for Businesses and Individuals.

As long as you got a WMR at your home, you will start to generate profit every day every month through the mining activity generated by your Mining Robots.


This is the standard WMR units :

  • Motherboard unit to support 6 GPU
  • GPU – 6 units
  • PSU – 1 unit
  • Window OS
  • Mining software preloaded to connect to mining pools ( Zcash, Monero, Dash, Pascal )

Average cost of 1 WMU : USD3000 ( 1 time investment only )



WinZo strongly feels as though the next mining robots server will be available for everyone every office every household.  WinzoFund are poised to lead the way into this change. It seems clear that with the support and easy to deployment for WMR, we can introduce our products to every household.

We want every house and every office can have our WMR. Every house and every office can be our mining robots network. Same like AirBnB who don’t own any properties but AirBnB is the biggest room rental company in the world. Uber don’t have their vehicles but they are the largest car rental company in the world.

With our WMR , we can partner with client to create a global mining robots network.

To achieve our objectives, our Company has outlined the following three main strategic goals:

  • Create great high quality mining robots with affordable price
  • Stay on top of new developments in technology
  • Stay on top of new and emerging crypto-currency business development with best price analysis