BitClub Network Review – Scam or Legit?

Bitclub Network Affiliate Review

Name: BitClub Network
Price: $99 One Time Starter Membership (get your account)
Owners: There is no information on the BitClub Network website indicating who owns or runs the company. As they website said: “BitClub Network is a private group of business people, entrepreneurs, technology experts, programmers and network marketers who have formed a very simple and exclusive club around a very sophisticated concept of cryptocurrency.”
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100
Who it’s for: Beginner – Expert

What is BitClub Network(BCN) Affiliate?

I have done a lot of research for Bitcoin buy and sell, bitcoin mining, bitcoin investment and affiliate marketing online. Finally I have come up with my unique analysis on BitClub Network Affiliate! I have been running own business for the last 20 years and been searching for trusted online businesses for decades. Let me explain why I believe BitClub Network will be of benefit to you.

The BitClub Network website domain ( was registered on the 22nd of July 2014. However, the domain registration is set to private.

The BitClub Network website itself is being hosted out of the Netherlands, without more information however it’s not clear whether this is also where the owner(s) of the company are based out of.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, it is truly trouble you to think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any fund to invest in it.

The BitClub Network Product Line

BitClub Network has no retailable products or services. BitClub Network is focusing in Bitcoin buy and sell, Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin investment business.

BitClub combined the power of crowd funding to bring you a very unique and timely opportunity in the Bitcoin industry. By using their expertise they are able to build a profitable mining operation that uses an affiliate payment structure to leverage the earning potential of members.

The concept is very simple! You purchase mining equipment that is used to mine Bitcoin and BitClub pay you daily on your share of all Bitcoin being mined. When you share this opportunity with other members and they make a purchase you will also get paid recurring commissions on all Bitcoin mined from their purchases.

BitClub operates two mining locations with the fastest growing facility located in Iceland. This facility is open to the public who meet certain qualifications for visitation. Our mining pool is open to public so that anyone who wants to contribute hashing power can easily do so.

BitClub purchase all mining equipment which allows BitClub to retain full ownership and easily sell the hardware in the secondary market when it’s nearing the end of it’s peak cycle. BitClub swap these out for newer and more efficient machines. Each time they liquidate an older batch of equipment our members have a chance to take possession of the miner if they choose. For more details Click Here.

Every BitClub member helps contribute to the operations of the mining pool by “chipping in” Bitcoin to pay for it. This repurchase strategy is what allows us to continually expand and purchase more mining hardware.

All Bitcoin from our mining operations are paid daily!

BitClub Network Affiliates membership to the company itself ($99) and then invest and encourage others to invest in three “mining pools”.


What is Bitcoin?

I will explain these different methods in more detail further along the page. This gives the consumer more opportunities to spend their money, the way in which they desire it. Bitcoin is much like gold in some aspects, namely the difficulties involved in its production, supply and recognition.

Here are a few things you need to know…

Bitcoin is a worldwide currency that uses a public ledger system to record transactions being sent from one person to another. This all happens without a central bank in the middle and it’s not controlled by any government, regulating body, individual company, or person.

All transactions are completely transparent and thousands of copies of the ledger are kept across a distributed network of computers with no single point of failure. In other words, Bitcoin is a true decentralized currency that nobody can control and this is why everyone is so excited about it.

Warren Buffett’s Most Profitable Investments.

Since a buyer are only able to bid one penny in a time, every product receives countless bids. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper describing digital currencies. Quark, coded in mid-2013, does not are afflicted by these shortcomings. No questions are asked or no fees are required to get a bitcoin address to become set up.

The BitClub Network Compensation Plan

The BitClub Network compensation plan revolves around affiliates investing in three “mining pools”, each of which pays out a daily ROI for 1000 days.



  • Mine #1 costs $500 a share and pays out a daily ROI for 1000 days, subject to 50% mandatory re-investment
  • Mine #2 costs $1000 a share and pays out a daily ROI for 1000 days, subject to 40% mandatory re-investment
  • Mine #3 costs $2000 a share and pays out a daily ROI for 1000 days, subject to 30% mandatory re-investment


BitClub Network is exactly that: a legitimate bitcoin mining operation with one huge draw that separates them from the rest of other mining operations out there: when you refer people, you get paid! When you don’t refer people, you don’t get paid!




No other mining operation out there allows you to earn bitcoin passively every day and also have the compounding effect of network marketing working to help amplify and maximize your earnings in a short period of time.

This is one of the main reasons why BitClub Network is gaining so much momentum and out-perform that other companies!

Let’s see how it works? 

BitClub Network allows you to buy shares in their mining pools and get paid every day for 1000 days per share that you purchase. They have 3 mining pools that you can purchase shares from.

Depending on which of the BitClub Mining Pools you buy into, a percentage of your daily earnings will go towards buying more shares. So let’s say you buy into all three BCN mining pools today…

You will earn passive Bitcoin every day for 1000 days starting immediately. Then let’s say it takes 20 days to earn another share in all three pools, then you’d still have 980 days to earn on your original share PLUS another 1000 days beginning on the 20th day for the newly acquired shares. As time progresses the compound effect will kick in and you could easily see your potential earnings grow by as much as 10 or 20 times per day.

BitClub Network is an online community  for creating and growing a successful online business by investing in Bitcoin Mining.

If you are looking to earn serious money on Bitcoin mining and trading, if you like to network with fellow internet entrepreneurs, get help and help others, then BitClub Network will be your perfect home.

I really appreciate the founders and leaders of BitClub Network. All of  them are very active within the community. You will even find them replying to your private messages and they will actively reply to any questions from members. I can see that they are keen to see all their BitClub Network members be successful with a long term profitable Bitcoin mining and marketing business.

BitClub Network Affiliate’s Pros & Cons


  • Provides Easy to follow and always up-to-date Bitcoin marketing training.
  • No need to recruit people to gain daily mining pool shares profits.
  • Grow your wealth as long as Bitcoin values continues to rise!
  • Gives you personal marketing websites with easy website building Tool in 13 languages.
  • Costs is low $99 only and it is low cost to start your Bitcoin investment. Join here.
  • Gives you access to top info about Bitcoin investment and mining marketers and support.
  • Live & Interactive Help from BitClub Network Community.


  • Too much information about Bitcoin that possible overloaded for you.
  • You may need to longer time to learn all Bitcoin courses provided in BitClub Network.


Final Rating: BitClub Network Affiliate

9 stars


Here is some of the target audiences that will benefits from BitClub Network(BCN) Affiliate:

Beginners who want to buy their first Bitcoin
Experienced Bitcoin Marketers
Local businesses
Sole Proprietors (SoHo)
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)
Online merchants
e-Commence Service Providers
Local marketers
People that wants to build their wealth through bitcoin investment(s)
People that want to sell their products online
Retired people, looking for an additional income
People looking a trusted hosting provider
Primary School Students
High School Students
University Students
University recent Graduates
People who want to turn their hobby into an additional income
Bloggers and website owners

The list is ongoing, but I am sure that you already see the benefits.

So in a word, EVERYONE. All levels of expertise, any age, any country.

I highly recommend BitClub Network Affiliate for beginners but I strongly agree that this Bitcoin program is suitable for all levels of marketers and entrepreneurs. BCN provides training for people with different skill levels. When you get access to the members’ area you are quickly going to be impressed by the activity and helpfulness within the community. This is the power of team spirit!

With this kind of team spirit, you will not be alone to achieve success and profitable in this challenging Bitcoin business! We can feel that everyone wants to see each other being successful together!


The Price

BitClub Network Affiliate has two membership price points:

1. One Time Membership Enrollment – $99
2. BitClub Mining Pool Selection below : –



The starter membership Package

Here is what you get for $99 as a BitClub member

    To sign up you will need pay a one time $99 USD membership fee that will give you lifetime access to BitClub Network platform and allow you to participate in our mining pool shares and any other opportunity BitClub provide in the future. You must pay this first to activate your account before purchasing any other products.


To be honest, I still can’t find another paid membership product in the industry that can compete with BitClub Network Affiliate’s Starter membership, other than…

My Final Opinion

Join the starter membership it’s so low with one time fee of $99 only.

I would highly recommend you to start with BitClub Network starter membership: Why?

  1. Very low risk with $99 only.
  2. Instant access to experience BitClub Network Affiliate Bitcoin Business and Mining training.
  3. Get your 13 languages FREE personal Affiliate websites .
  4. Test and see how BitClub Network Affiliate Community can benefit you.
  5. Start your Bitcoin business NOW!


There are only 3 SIMPLE Steps to Getting Started today

(Totally risk-free)

Step 1: Click the button below and enter your name and email address.
Step 2: Pick your username and password on the next page.
Step 3: Jump into the Getting Started training (create your free account first!)

Join BitClub Network Affiliate, it’s very low risk ($99)!

Summarized Overview

Name: BitClub Network Affiliate
Sales Page URL:
Owners: BitClub Network is a private group of business people, entrepreneurs, technology experts, programmers and network marketers who have formed a very simple and exclusive club around a very sophisticated concept of cryptocurrency.
My Overall Ranking:  90 out of 100 points
Read Real Testimonials: READ REVIEWS


Review 2: Joby Weeks Bitcoin mining BitLife ClubCoin.


If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of BitClub Network Affiliate or you have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!



Team Jony
Bank of Community Reviews Team
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  • Bitclub Reviewer 360

    Hi, i bought the founder pool, USD 3500 & USD 99 for membership. total USD 3599. At that time, Bitcoin was USD 425. Now Bitcoin is USD 585. That was just about a month ago. So, I paid about 8 bitcoins. If I had not given my money to bitclub network. Today, my USD 3500 would be worth USD 4900. A USD1400 increase. This is equivalent to 40 % in just about a month. UNFORTUNATELY, since I joined bitclubnetwork, I don’t have any of these. I have not even made 1 bitcoin back from the mining proceeds. Whoever owns bitclubnetwork is laughing all the way to the bank, not just with my money but with everyone else’s money. We are all suckers…. Let me show you how why I thought it was a good idea at that time: They said you would get your investment back after 600 days, which is the contract period. So, if you calculate, you should get back about USD 6 (about 0.01 bitcoin) per day which is about 0.1 % per day which translates to about 5% per month. Its good. Coz, traditional interest rate is way too low. HOWEVER, it would have been better if you just buy the Bitcoin directly & keep it as I have shown above.
    I know, you are going to tell me, what if the bitcoin decreases to USD300 instead of increases to USD 585? You would lose more!! Here’s what will happen if bitcoin value goes down. Bitclubnetwork will disappear and so will all our money!!!. No one knows who the owners are but they will be laughing away to the bank while we cry our eyes out….

    As long as Bitcoin value increases, Bitclubnetwork will continue to be around. Coz, they stand to gain more than us all.

    The best way to own some bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies, eg. Ethereum is to buy directly from trading exchangers such as Kraken or Poloniex. Poloniex is the biggest in terms of trading volume, next comes Kraken. there are more but I think its better to stay with the reputable ones.

    I hope this helps some of you who are looking into this opportunity. If someone had given me this point of view when I was trying to decide whether to join bitclubnetwork or not, I would have made a better choice.

    • John O Brien

      Good day , your mail is interesting indeed . When I was shown the scam bitclub network my immediate reply was for 3500 I can just purchase bitcoin . why bother with the mlm side .it was 400 at the time and looking at those promoting the mlm side unfortunately their scam history is on line for all to read .. Bitcoin is like any other risk commodity .

  • Pierre

    hi bit club reviewer I am sorry that you think that you have lost your money, firstly you would not have made a bitcoin in a month as that would be 19% on investment at todays price of 685 use /BTC that over a period of 20 month with compounding interest would pay you 116745 usd and that is just not possible

    what is possible is that you will trible or quadruble the amount of bitcoin that you are mining over 600 days and if the bitcoin performs in the way it has been you are still looking to make a fortune on your investment.

    In answer to your 5% its good but buying bitcoin is better

    if you where making 5% a month on and you payed 8,74 bitcoin for your mining pool =3600 usd at the time you bought it compounding interest over 20 (600 days) month would give a return of 23.19 bitcoin
    at the current price you would have 15861 usd however in the next 600 to 1000 days bitcoin will probably be closer to 10.000 usd and you would have a return of 230.000 usd on your 3600 investment

    Further to your comment that bit club is a scam please visit which has been around for a long time there you can see all transactions that takes place on the blockchain and all the mining that is done world wide remember bitcoin is open source so everything you say you do in the bitcoin space can be checked by every one anyway there you will Bitclub Network and you will see that they are on of the 8 largest mining companies in the world and since its all open source you will be able to all the bitcoins that they have ever mined and of convince convert to usd and you will it down to the last penny as they say numbers don’t lie I hope that helps

    apologies my english is not the best but hope you get the idea reach out to me any time